Garland was a magazine produced monthly, and ran to 6 editions from around May 1968 to February 1969, unfortunately  due to unforeseen circumstances, no more were produced after then. The first two editions were produced by Les Ivall and Dave Troman, with other input from members of the Birmingham Arms Folk Club, including Mick Bosworth and Ron Wheeler. By  the time volume  2 came out Pete Coe , Mick Bosworth and Ron Wheeler had joined the editorial team. The  magazine was to be about English traditional song and customs, with articles by local singers and club organisers. The first issue included an article by Ron Wheeler, telling people of the origins of the club, this has been reproduced in the history of the club, which can be found on the the website ( ) , and the original article can also be see in the  6 copies of Garland which have been reproduced below. Mick Bramich joined the Garland  editorial team for the third edition  and remained part of the team until its demise. The front cover on editions one and two were woodcut reproductions, whereas editions three to six were copperplate reproduction.

In the 1968 Sept/Oct issue, an article appeared about the magazines' roving reporter Henry Posset, regarding the custom of "Nurge Dribbling" which he had come across in the Mumbles whilst touring South Wales. This was followed in the next 3 issues with articles on some of the more unusual customs Henry had discovered on his travels. All these can be found in the copies of Garland reproduced below. Also included is a copy " The Complete works of Henry Posset" and according to Mick Bramich, who holds the Posset archive, Henry retired to Dawlish , where very interestingly, he discovered that a giants procession was enacted on New Years Eve. A special issue of Garland was produced for the Black Diamond's 25th birthday (the Longboat folk club in those days) which was actually the collected works of Henry Possett in magazine format. The cover of this can also be seen reproduced below.



Many thanks to Les Ivall, Mick Bramich and Dave Troman for the information on Garland


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