Early in October 1964 either the Birmingham Folk Song Club, or the people destined to start the Birmingham & Midland Folk Centre in 1965, produced weekly broadsheets, which were sold at folk clubs. The first was produced on 11th October 1964, and was a single sheet of foolscap, with song words printed on both sides. No music was included, as this would have increased the cost from 3p to 6p (pre-decimal price) per copy, In 1965 a book of the broadsheets was produced with copies from 22nd November 1964 to 4th April 1965, available at the grand price of 4 shillings.  The only name that can be found of anyone connected with the publication is John Boler, but they may have been a joint effort between the three clubs mentioned.  It is not known whether any further Folksong Broadsheets were produced after April 1965. The broadsheets were initially sold at the Partisan, the Peanuts and Macdonalds Folk Clubs, but from March 1965, could also be obtained at the Camp and Trafalgar Folk Clubs in Birmingham and the Dorchester Folk Club. The cooperation between the Partisan, the Peanuts and the Macdonalds folk clubs can also be found in a copy of a leaflet shown in the articles about all three of the clubs.

The information above was gleaned from a copy of the booklet, kindly given to me by Doreen Friar. The booklet came from a file held by Doreen, on Joan Smith, who in conjunction with the EFDSS, formed the first folk club in Birmingham in October 1950. The song words from the book  can be seen below. 

Pam Bishop recently gave me issues 1, 4, 6 & 7 of the Folksong Broadsheets , which were issued in Oct/ Nov 1964. These can also be seen below, at the start of the copies below. These issues came from the memorabilia of the late Eileen Whiting, who was involved with both the Grey Cock Folk Club  and the Birmingham & Midland Folk Centre.


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