Peoples houses 1965 Varied
Date Formed:
Date Folded:
Early Residents:
Pam Bishop
Alan Bishop
Roy Palmer
Joan Smith
Olga Nicholls
Douglas Miller
Charles Parker
Andrew Marley
John Baker
Fred Grindrod
John Fryer




In 1965, Charles Parker called a meeting of Birmingham folk clubs with the aim of setting up an organisation to collect, develop and disseminate  a regional repertoire of songs. This was the start of the Birmingham and MIdland Folk Centre. Some clubs gave their full support to this venture, whilst others only partially supported it. Pam and Alan Bishop, handed over the running of the Peanuts Folk Club, which they had started in 1963, to others to become fully involved, whilst the Birmingham Folk Song Club, Birminghams first folk club, founded in 1950 by the EFDSS, disbanded and  joined en-masse. An article was written in the Birmingham Post around 1966, by Priscilla Hodgeson about the aims of the centre, and the part Charles Parker played in its formation. A copy of which  can be seen below.

More about the above can be found on the "History of the Grey Cock" , which can be found at:-

The Birmingham and Midland Folk Centre met in peoples houses to sing and rehearse songs, so there was no official venue, or day of the week   they ran on. A recruiting poster can be seen by clicking on the images below. They also organised and put on a number of concerts in various venues around the city.

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History of the Grey Cock Folk Club

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