The Broadside Folk Magazine, started its life as a weekly double sided broadsheet newsletter, produced by Harvey Andrews and Chris Rohmann, for members of the Broadside Folk Club at the Crown, Station street in 1967. It consisted of news about  forthcoming guests at the Broadside Club, articles of local interest, the words of songs plus information about other Birmingham folk clubs. The first issue came out on February 13th 1967, six months after Chris and Harvey started the Broadside club, and ran as a  broadsheet until the 24th June 1967, when it became a magazine of around 20 pages. At this time it became  a folk magazine for the Brum folk scene, and started to include articles written by other people on local history connected to folksong, or their views on a folk club or related topic.


Harvey Andrews, very kindly loaned me his collection of both the magazine and broadsheet, all of which are  reproduced below.


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