The Crown, Station Street, Birmingham 1966 Monday
Date Formed:
26th September 1966
Date Folded:
Unknown at this time
Chris Rohmann
Harvey Andrews
Early Residents:
Harvey Andrews
Chris Rohmann
Mike James
Pete Buckley
Hugh Gentleman
Rosemary Redpath
Mike Smith

This successful club was opened by Harvey Andrews and Chris Rohmann on 26th September 1966, at the Crown, Station Street in Birmingham. due to the guests booked, the club rapidly gained in popularity, and regularly pulled in large numbers.  Harvey and Chris also produced, from Feb 13th 1967,  a weekly  newsletter for club members called the Broadside Broadsheet. This ran as a single sheet, printed on both sides, until June 1967 when, due to its popularity it became a booklet of around 20 pages. Both the publications covered the Birmingham folk music scene, copies of which can be seen in the  "Publishing" part of the history section. The copies shown were lent to me by Harvey Andrews.

Photo Album:
Information Sources:
Harvey Andrews 
Broadside Folk Magazine

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