The Broadside 69 was  a double sided A3 sheet produced by Bernard Gallagher around 1969, it was initially published fortnightly, but later went to weekly and circulated in Birmingham, Coventry, Wolverhampton, Aldridge, Walsall and Redditch. It was a great source of information at the time, on what was happening at the clubs. On the front was usually an article about a song/someone  who sang the song, together with information about them, the song and the folk clubs they ran or sang at. The rear of the sheet ran advertising for regular club guest nights, concerts etc., together with information about new clubs starting up,  sales of musical instruments, books, records and  folk music in general.

I have scanned in the three copies that I have , issue 4 and 6 (fortnightly) and issue 15 (weekly). These can be seen by clicking on the images below)


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