Broadside magazine was the  creation of Trevor Fisher and Brian Homer, who produced its precursor, Grapevine Magazine. It was an amalgamation of two magazines, Grass Roots and Grapevine and was run out of offices in Lozells Road , Birmingham and followed a similar format to the Grapevine in running articles the local press wouldn't print, plus a gig guide, contact lists for a wide variety of societies, and a whats on section. Broadside ran until 1978/1979, when it eventually ceased publication. Brian & Trevor went on to produce several more publications, including "Movement of Jah People", "Talking Blues" and eventually set up "Ten 8" with an Arts Council grant.

The "What's On" section was a mixed bag of all styles of music, and included rock ,pop, soul, reggae, folk jazz and classical. I have scanned all the "What's On" pages from June 1976 to September 1978 , plus any articles or adverts about folk clubs etc. John Denny kindly gave me the copies of Broadside, which start at issue 2. The last issue as a magazine was published in January 1978, with  issue 28 in February 1978 being a newspaper style publication. The scans can be viewed by clicking on the thumbnails below.



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