Grapevine magazine was launched in 1971, by Trevor Fisher and Brian Homer, it contained articles that the local press wouldn't publish on the community, arts, the left and trades unions, and was also a what's on guide for the theatre, cinema and local music.. It was run by a group of volunteers from Monument Road in Birmingham. It started off as a small A5 publication and  built into a substantial  A4 magazine and at its peak had a circulation of around 2,500/3,000. Grapevine ran until ran until 1975, when it was  superseded by Broadside. 

Grapevine ran separate sections for different types of music and included items of  news, such as new clubs starting, special events etc. I have scanned copies of the folk club adverts and pages from all the copies I have between August 1971 and March 1975. In November 1974 the format was changed and all the different music events were merged into one long list, both formats can be viewed by clicking on the thumbnails below.

The majority of the Grapevines were given to me by John Denny, and one came from the Joan Smith archive given to me by Doreen Fryer. 


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