Big Bulls Head, High Street, Digbeth, Birmingham 1957 Monday
Trees   ???????? 1959 Thursday
Crown, Station Street, Birmingham 1963 Thursday
Waterworks Club ???????? 1965 Thursday
Digbeth Civic Hall, High Street, Digbeth, Birmingham 1965 Thursday
Video Basement, Shop Shantasea, Albert Street, Birmingham 1974 Tuesday
Crown, Hill Street, Birmingham 1977 Tuesday
White Hart, Headless Cross, Redditch 1977 Tuesday
Date Formed:
Date Folded:
Still running September 1977
Ian Campbell
Lorna Campbell
Early Residents:
Ian Campbell
Lorna Campbell

The Jug O' Punch Folk Song Club was started by the  Ian Campbell Folk Group in 1962, and became the largest Folk Song Club in the country, with over 1500 members and regular attendance of over 350 audience. From the Club's early days their policy was to have something more than entertainment than the average folk club, and they ran  lessons on traditional instruments, dancing, dance instruction as well as lectures on folk music and tradition. There were regular guests comprising of the best singers and instrumentalists from the British Isles and abroad. Early guests included:- Ewan McColl, Peggy Seegar, Nadia Catouse, Louis Killen, Jeannie Robertson, the Stewarts of Blairgowrie, Rambling Jack Elliott, the MacPeake Family, Joe Heaney, the Dubliners and Tom Paley. From information obtained in Nov 2020 it looks as if the Campbells ran a club prior to the Jug O' Punch at the Sydenham in Edgbaston Street called the "Fiddle and Folk Song Club" , which then moved to the Big Bulls Head and became the Jug O' Punch. A  membership card showing this information can be seen below.

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Information Sources:
Eileen Whiting scrapbook

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