white Lion, Alcester Roas, Nr Wythall  Early 1970's  Tuesday
Date Formed:
Early 1970's
Date Folded:
John Starkey
Jasper Carrott
Early Residents:
Dave Cartwright
Alan White
Jasper Carrott
E.J Ferkinbole (John Starkey, Martin Walker & Eddie ????).

Fingimigig (john Starkey and Jasper Carrott), who ran an agency for folk artists (see below), also started a number of folk clubs in the Birmingham area, the Rampant Folk Club was one of them. It was started sometime in the early 70's and ran at the White Lion, near Wythall. The only mention that has been found so far is the cutting from the Birmingham Mail (see below), no other detials are currently known.

Photo Album:
Information Sources:
Nikki Bosworth

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