Crown, Station Street, Birmingham Unknown  Unknown
Date Formed:
Late 1960's
Date Folded:
Graham Spencer
Sue Bilson
Early Residents:
Graham Spencer
Sue Bilson

Graham & Sue, formed the Cuckoos Nest Folk Dance & Song Club in the late 1960's, it was unusual in that it combined both singing and dancing on the same night, with dances interspersing the songs. Graham thinks that their first guests were the Young Tradition, and that the Yetties also appeared there. Before moving to Cyprus around 2007, they also sucessfully ran Ceilidhs under the name of  "Bop Till You Drop"  in a number of venues around Birmingham. A membership card for the club can be seen below.

Graham was also a member of Jockey Morris, and since moving to Cyprus has been involved in organising folk dance and song festivals.

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Graham Spencer

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