Sydenham, Edgbaston Street, Birmingham  1959   Alternate Mondays
Date Formed:
Unknown running 1956
Date Folded:
Unknown, possibly 157
Ian Campbell
Lorna Campbell
Early Residents:
Ian Campbell
Lorna Campbell

Initially, only one mention of this club was found in a Birmingham Post article, and no other details could be found anywhere. However, in November 2020, I received some photos from Pam Bishop taken from a scrapbook of the late Eileen Whiting which  Pam had been given. One of the photos was of a membership card for the Jug O' Punch which had the words "formerly the Fiddles and Folk Song club". So  it looks as if this was the club that the Campbell's ran prior to the famous Jug O' Punch. A copy of the membership card can be seen below.

Photo Album:
Information Sources:
Hugh Gentleman Birmingham Post Article
Eileen Whiting scrapbook

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