Alternative Names:
Tamworth Folk Club
Well Folk Club
Folk At The Tap
Castle Hotel ,Tamworth    
Three Tuns, Fazeley    
George, George Street, Tamworth 1973 Tuesday
Queens Head, Wilnecote, Tamworth  June 1982  Friday
White Hart, Hurley  June 1985  
Gamecock, Birchmoor, Tamworth May 1986  Saturday
Jolly Sailor, Fazeley Road, Bonehill, Tamworth 1992 - 1994  
Gamecock, Birchmoor, Tamworth 1994 - 2006  
Bolehall Manor, Amington Road, Tamworth 2006 - 2021  
Tamworth Tap, Market St., Tamworth Oct 2021 1st & 3rd Friday
Date Formed:
Mid 1960's
Date Folded:
Still running
Andy Dwyer
Stephen Edkins
Early Residents:
Bob Bull
Gale Lees
Dave Clemenson
John Priest
Pete Backen
Steve Edkins
Steve Swoffer

There has been a Folk Club in Tamworth since the mid 1960's, firstly at the Castle Hotel then the Three Tuns at Fazeley. Since then, like many clubs, they have been located at a number of different venues, with their current home being the Tamworth Tap.. There are some handouts for when the club was at the Gamecock reproduced below.

The club has also run a folk festival under the banner of "Tamworth Folk Moot" for a number of years and some posters for the event can be seen below.


A history of the club can be found on their website, which can be found at:-           How it all started… – Tamworth Folk Club – Folk At The Tap   On the website there are also audio/video recordings , some going back to 1985.

Photo Album:
Information Sources:
Whats On
Tamworth Folk Club website

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