Museum Inn, The Parade, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham 1966 Friday
Boldmere, Boldmere Road, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham 1971 Monday
Royal British Legion, Rectory Road, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham April 1989 Tuesday
Date Formed:
Runing February 9th 1968
Date Folded:
Unknown still running May 1995
Ian & Sue Hartland
Dave & Sue Cook
Early Residents:
The Harvesters
Jennie Parsonage

The Sutton (Coldfield) Folk Club was originally started at the Museum Inn , the Parade, Sutton Coldfield in 1966, its founder member was Dave Cook, helped by Residents Jennie  Parsonage, Marrowbones and the Harvesters. It became very successful and moved in 1971 to the Boldmere, Boldmere Road, which became its home for a number of years, finally moving to the Royal British Legion Club in Rectory Road, where it was known to be running in April 1989. It is not known at this time when the club folded.

The Harvesters were residents at all the venues of the club, as well as being residents at other clubs in Birmingham and Warwick, and they are still together today, playing at clubs and festivals. It was  Ian and Sue Hartland of the Harvesters, who provided all the newspaper articles about  both the club and the group, which can be seen below.

Photo Album:
Information Sources:
Whats On
Folk Scene Jan 1966
Ian & Sue Hartland

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