Brum Studio Theatre, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Broad Street, Birmingham 1973 Friday
Date Formed:
Known to be running May 1973
Date Folded:
Unknown running Aug 1976
Ian Highfield
John Mitchell
Early Residents:
Blackthorn (Neil Burnett, Nina Mitchell plus unknown bass player )

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Late Night Folk was run in the Studio Theatre at the Birmingham Rep by Ian Highfield and John Mitchell. It was Birminghams only folk club that started at 10.30pm, because of this artists who had appeared at local clubs, used to turn up unexpectedly and sing there.


Besides the Late Night Folk club, a folk festival was run in September, from 1973 to 1976 with the Birmingham Rep as the venue. This was organised by  Brumfolk in conjunction with BRMB Radio. An LP comprising of tracks by a number of the artists was  produced and sold after the festival in 1976. Details of the festival of this can be seen in the "Folk Festivals" articles.

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