Cambridge Inn, Cambridge Street, Birmingham 1965 Saturday
Newton Club, Newton Street, Birmingham 1969 Saturday
Limelight Club, Navigation Street, Birmingham 1969 Saturday
Shakespeare Inn, Summer Row, Birmingham 1971 Saturday
Star Social Club, Essex Street, Birmingham 1972 Saturday
Date Formed:
Date Folded:
Still Running February 1972
Dave Phillips
Early Residents:
Mick Tracey
Mick Hipkiss
Mick Lillis
Gerry Norris
Eamon Lowe
Dave Phillips

The Holy Ground opened on Saturday April 24th 1965 at 7.45pm  at the Cambridge Inn. Harvey Andrews attended and kindly allowed me to photograph a leaflet for that night (see below). An ad was found in the Broadside 69 broadsheet where it was running at the Newton Club in 1969, but it is not known when it moved there. The Holy Ground then went the Limelight Club, opening on May 3rd 1969, however the next ad that was found was for August 7th 1971, when the club was at the Shakespeare. The final venue of the club was the Star Social Club, where they moved in February 1972.

Photo Album:
Information Sources:
Photograph of the Munstermen taken in 1965 by Cherry Gilchrist
Harvey Andrews

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