Alternative Names:
Scrimshaw Folk Club 1969
Hare & Hounds Folk Club 1972
Red Lion Folk Club 1982 to present day
St Dunstans Centre, Kingsfield Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham Running 1969 Thursday
Hare & Hounds, High Street Kings Heat, Birmingham 1977 Saturday
Red Lion, Vicarage Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham 1982


Red Lion, Vicarage Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham September 2010 Wednesday
Date Formed:
March 1977
Date Folded:
Still Running 2019
Jim McPhee 
Della & Chris Hooke
Early Residents:
Chris Rust
Nigel Fenwick

Jim McPhee started Scrimshaw Folk Club in the late 60's at St Dunstans Centre, Kingsfield Road, Kings Heath , adverts have been found  showing that Scrimshaw was running on Thursday night's,as early as 1969 up to September 1976 in the Broadside magazine, Jim's granddaughter has recently found a Scrimshaw poster in her late dad's things (see below). Around this time the club moved premises to the  Hare and Hounds, High Street, Kings Heath until late 1982 or early 1983, when it moved to the Red Lion, Vicarage Road. Jim McPhee also ran Acorn Agency, representing folk club artists, including a number of top folk artists. Jim retired from the club in May 2001, when Della & Chris Hook took over the reins, with the club still running on a Saturday night. In 2006 the club won BBC Radio 2's "Folk Club of the Year Award and in September 2010, the club changed the night they ran to a Wednesday. The club is still running successfully at the Red Lion.


Early residents at Scrimshaws were :- Ruth Davies, Nick Weston, Tim Evans , Nick Fenwick and group called  Scrimshaw.

Early residents at the Hare & Hounds were:- Chris Rust, Nigel Fenwick and a group called Flagon.



Photo Album:
Information Sources:
Fran Glover - Jim McPhees granddaughter
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