In March 1965, the Ian Campbell Folk Group put on a concert, also at the Town Hall, the Campbells headlined, with Harvey Andrews, Rory McEwan and Winnie Campbell as support. A Birmingham Mail cutting and ticket for the event, can be seen below.

On June 25th, the West Midlands CND organised a Town Hall concert in aid of CND  featuring Julie Felix, the 3 City 4, Derroll Adams, Colin Wilkie/Shirley Hart, and Mick Treacey. A leaflet for the concert can be seen below. 

In July Digbeth Civic Hall was the venue for a Folksong Concert featuring Ewan McColl and Peggy Seeger, which included a contemporary "Mumming Play" which had been written by Ewan McColl.

On to November when "Folk 65" appeared at Birmingham Town Hall, this concert featured a number of Birmingham's own groups, including, the Ian Campbell Folk group, the Munstermen, Tommy Dempsey and Dave Phillips, appeared alongside Phil Ochs and the McPeake Family. The poster below came from the scrapbook of the late Eileen Whiting.


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