Pam and Alan Bishop, who ran the Peanuts Folk Club at this time, organised a number of folk/blues concerts over the years, in 1964, they put on two concerts under the umbrella "Hullabaloo". These were both run at the Midland Institute, the first, in February, featured a large number of local artists including Steve Winwood and Spencer Davis, who went on to become international stars in their own right. Posters and the programme can be seen reproduced below. The second, in September, again featured some local artists Tommy Dempsey, Dave Phillips and Dave Brady, as well as Nadia Catouse and Ewan McColl/Peggy Seegar.


On Friday 7th Feb Roy Palmer organised an evening of folk songs for the Quinton & Harbourne CND, this was held at the Junction Inn in Harbourne and included local singers. A flyer for this event  can be seen below.


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