Cambridge Inn, Cambridge Street, Birmingham???? ????
New Inns, Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham1967Sunday
Old Contemptible, Livery Street, Birmingham1969Sunday
Date Formed:
Unknown, known to be running 1967
Date Folded:
Unknown at this time
Early Residents:
Mick Hipkiss
Drowsy Maggie
Bob Cooney
Dave James
John Baxter.
Norman Ellard
Raparees (1967)

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The Skillet Pot was known to start life at the Cambridge Inn, but  the date/year when it started  is not known. The date of the move to the Neww Inns Bromsgrove Street is not known, but it was running there in  July/August 1967. It moved, yet again on an unknown date, to the Old Contemptibles in Livery Street. No further information has been found. Any memories able to fill in missing detail would be appreciated.

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