Alternative Names:
  • Macdonalds Folk Club Hungry 1964 - 1966
  • Birmingham Arms Folk Club 1966
  • New Inns Folk Club 1967
  • Drovers Arms Folk Club 1968
  • Old Crown Folk Club 1971
  • Longboat Folk Club 1985
  • Market Tavern Folk Club 1990
  • Red Lion Folk Club 1994
  • Turks Head Folk Club 1997
  • Eagle & Tun Folk Club 1998
  • Rose Villa Tavern Folk Club 1999
  • Turks Head Folk Club 2000
  • Globe Folk Club 2005
  • Black Diamond Folk Club 2006 to present day
Hungry Man,Broad Street, Birmingham1964Wednesday
Plough & Harrow, Digbeth, Birmingham1964Wednesday
Australian Bar, Hurst Street, Birmingham1964Wednesday
Birmingham Arms, Moat Row, Digbeth, Birmingham1966Friday
New Inns, Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham1967Friday  
Drovers Arms, Smithfield Street, Birmingham1968Friday  
Old Crown, High Street, Deritend, Birmingham1971Friday  
Hen & Chickens, Garrison Lane, Bordesley, Birmingham1975Friday  
Old Crown, High Street, Deritend, Birmingham  1975  Friday  
Adam & Eve, Bradford Street, Birmingham1976Friday  
Old Crown, High Street, Deritend, Birmingham  1976  Friday  
Longboat, Cambrian Wharf, Ladywood, Birmingham1985Friday  
Market Tavern, Moseley Street, Digbeth, Birmingham1990Friday  
Red Lion, Warstone Lane, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham1994Friday  
Turks Head, Lawson Street, Newtown, Birmingham1997Friday  
Eagle & Tun, New Canal Street, Birmingham1998Friday  
Rose Villa Tavern, Warstone Lane, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham1999Friday  
Turks Head, Lawson Street, Newtown, Birmingham  1999  Friday  
Globe, Blews Street, Newtown, Birmingham 2005 Friday     
City Tavern, Bishopsgate Street, Birmingham 2007 Friday     
Endwood, Hamstead Road, Handsworth, Birmingham 2007 Friday     
Globe, Blews Street, Newtown, Birmingham   2008   Friday     
Lamp Tavern, Barford Street, Birmingham 2016 Friday     
Date Formed:
May 27th 1964
Date Folded:
Still Running
Chris Scott-Warwick
Erik Gooding
Stan Burgess
Early Residents:
Chris Scott-Warwick
Erik Gooding
Stan Burgess
Mick Bramich
Pete Coe
Christine Richards
Mick Bosworth
Les Ivall
Ron Wheeler

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A detailed history of the club, including all the information on the guests booked, can be found on this website at History of The Black Diamond Folk Club.

Harvey Andrews gave his first public performances at the club on 28th October 1964, prior to his appearance at the Jug of Punch, where his rise to fame really took off. Harvey allowed me to photograph his gig list and payments from October to December, which can be seen below. Mention of  a number of Birmingham clubs, including MacDonalds, can bee seen in the Publications Section in the "Broadside" articles. One of the articles published in 1967, was by Ron Wheeler, explaining a  bit about the club and what the folk scene was about, this can be seen below.

Photo Album:
Information Sources:
Club Archives
Harvey Andrews
Ron Wheeler
Club Archive

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