Alternative Names:
  • Cellar Folk 1972
  • Cellar Folk Too 1973
  • Seven Whistlers Folk Club 1974
Bournebrook Hotel, Bristol Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham1969Sunday
Junction Inn, High Street, Harbourne, Birmingham1973


Mitre Inn,Lower High Street, Stourbridge1984Sunday
Date Formed:
March 1972
Date Folded:
Unknown still running Sept 7th 1986
Steve Mogg
Richard Crook
Mike Brown
John Jennings
Early Residents:
Steve Mogg
Richard Crook
Mike Brown
John Jennings

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Cellar Folk was formed early in 1972 by Steve Mogg, Richard Crook, Mike Brown and John Jennings in the cellar at the Bournebrook Hotel( hence the club name). It met on Sunday nights until November 24th 1973, when it had to move as the cellar  was to be  converted into a posh bar .The club moved to the Junction in Harbourne and changed its  name to Cellar Folk Too, opening  on December 2nd 1973., where they stayed until July 28th 1974. The club then moved to  the Mitre Inn in Stourbridge, opening on August 18th 1974 as The Seven Whistlers Folk Club and known to be still running in December 1984.

A picture of the four originators of the club on their second singers night on 2nd April 1972, can be seen below ( L to R , Richard Crook, Mike Brown Steve Mogg,John Jennings)

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Information Sources:
Steve Mogg
Evening Mail Article by Maureen Messent

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