Old Mermaid Bar, Students Union, Birmingham University, Edgbaston , Birmingham1966Friday
Date Formed:
Known to be running Jan 23rd 1973
Date Folded:
Unknown still running Mar 18th 1976
Dave Hunt
Andy Thompson
George Frampton
Richard Banach
Stefan Larsson
Graham Clarke
John Allenby
Steve Sutton
Martin O'Leach
Ian Nisbet
Dave Barker
Dick Woodhouse
Early Residents:
Dave Hunt

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One of the people who started the University folk club was Dave Hunt, when he was Deputy Catering Manager at the Union in 1966. The folk club at Birmingham University booked  some great guests, as they were supported financially by the university. They were very pro-active and showed a sense of humour in the leaflets that they produced (see examples below). The University also ran a very successful dance section, which I hope to produce an article about in the future.

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