Alternative Names:
  • Sutton Traditional Folk Club 1972
  • Aston Manot Folk Club 1974
  • Gothic Folk Club 1974
  • Black Pig 1974
Station Hotel, Station Street, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham 1972 Saturday
Aston Tavern, Aston Hall Road, Birmingham 1974 Saturday
Gothic, Great Hampton Street, Birmingham 1974 Saturday
Summerhill Tavern, Summerhill Terrace, Birmingham 1974 Saturday
Fountain Inn, Fountain Street, Birmingham 1975 Saturday
Date Formed:
February 19th 1972
Date Folded:
Latest date found   Sat 24th April 1976
Early Residents:
Phil Neild (Ernie)
Gail Joesbury
Les Noden
Paul Hooke
Mave Daw
Dot Higgins
Derek Catley
Dave Bruton
Paul Ryan
Chris Lowe
Jim Daw.

Sutton Traditional Club ran at the Station Hotel from Feb 19th 1972 until Apr 27th 1974, they then had one week at the Aston Tavern as the Aston Manor Folk Club, quickly moving to the Gothic to become the Gothic Folk Club from Oct 12th 1974  until Nov 30th 1974.. They then transferred to the Summerhill Tavern and became the Black Pig Folk Club from Dec 7th 1974 , through to Sept 27th 1975, the club name was kept, but the final  move  was to the Fountain Inn on Oct 4th 1974. The club finally closed on a date as yet unknown.

George Frampton Recordings From The Fountain In 1976
Many thanks to George Frampton for supplying the recordings.

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Photo Album:
Information Sources:
Grapevine magazine
Broadside magazine
Whats On 1976

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