Bell & Pump, St Phillips Old Boys Club, Waterworks Rd, Edgbaston, Birmingham1973Friday
Date Formed:
Earliest reference Apr 27th 1973
Date Folded:
Known to be still running May 26th 1989
Derek Grinnell
Early Residents:
Terry McCann
Mary Robbins
Mad Jocks & Englishmen

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The Bell and Pump was formed early in 1973 by Derek Grinell, and had a great resident band in Mad Jocks and Englishmen, who were one of the main driving forces behind the club. Terry McCann, who won  New Faces TV programme in the 1970's, was also a resident  at the club. It is not known when this club closed, but was still known to be running on April 11th 1989 according to a copy of "Whats On".

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Information Sources:
Grapevine magazine
Birmingham Whats On

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